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A selection of Misencil products are available to you. You get to save on shipping charges for any of your purchases, which is great because who likes to pay for shipping?! These products are all 100% compatible with your lash extensions. If you use makeup remover, eyeliner or mascara, it is highly recommended to check these out. Without using these products, your extensions unfortunately will not last as long.

Precision Eyeliner

$20 + tax

Dries quickly & long wear. Can easily be removed with the MISENCIL makeup remover. Compatible with MISENCIL eyelash extensions.

Misencil Star Mascara

$26 + tax

A long-wearing formula mascara with nylon brush 100% compatible with eyelash extensions and natural lashes. The STAR mascara creates a ‘3D volume’ effect, ultra-trendy intensifying every single lash.  

Heated Eyelash Curler

$28 + tax

Give your lashes and eyelash extensions a stunning curve in just a few minutes! As opposed to a mechanic eyelash curler, this heated eyelash curler won’t damage your natural lashes or extensions.

Face & Eye Makeup Remover

$33 + tax

The gentle face & eye MISENCIL makeup remover with apple cell culture extract and peptides promotes faster skin cell renewal and helps fortify existing lashes. Suitable for all skin types. Delicate and refreshing apple fragrance.                                          

Express Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (Box of 4 Pairs)

$23 + tax

The MISENCIL Express Anti-Wrinkle eye treatment patches with apple stem cells visibly reduce the appearance of the expression lines and wrinkles, hydrate the skin around the eyes and give an instant fresh and younger look! Their ergonomic shape fits the contour of the eye perfectly.

Eye Contour Cream

$52 + tax

The only eye contour 100% compatible with eyelash extensions!

The Expression gel eye contour is made with natural active ingredients that improve skin cell renewal, help eliminate dark circles and red spots, lift eyelids and noticeably reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Activator Elixir

$79 + tax

Longer lashes : Up to 58% longer after a 14-day use
Thicker lashes : A diameter up to 2.9 times bigger after a 15-day use
Stronger and healthier lashes : Reduced eyelash loss resulting in an average of 9 more lashes after a 30-day use

Revitalizer & Protector Duo for Natural Lashes and Eyelash Extensions

$54 + tax

Use the protector during the day and revitalizer at night and your extensions remain in place and look as fresh as the first day! Proven to help extensions last 7-10 longer.

Protector for Natural Lashes and Lash Extensions

$29 + tax

The application of the protector makes makeup removal easy and its fruit cell culture extract, peptides and provitamin B5 complex helps fortify natural lashes. Your extensions will maintain their original curve and optimal adherence.

Revitalizer for Natural Lashes and Lash Extensions

$31 + tax

Bring instant shine and softness to your natural lashes and eyelash extensions!

The revitalizer’s unique fruit cell culture extract, peptides and provitamin B5 complex nourishes and gives your lashes a healthy look. Your extensions remain in place and look as fresh as the first day!

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